From a young age I wanted to be pretty much everything – writer, artist, singer, poet, teacher, wife, interior designer. I really couldn’t be pinned down and was enthralled with learning about something new. I started taking pictures when I got my first digital camera at the age of 20.

When I was in search of a college major, I faced a challenge, as you can imagine. How was I going to find a career I could be passionate about?
Journalism allowed me to dip my toe in a number of ponds – photography, design, writing – but I also got to experience other people’s adventures and achievements through the interview process. It was a match made in heaven. I had found a career to be passionate about. While working professionally for a newspaper for three years, I honed my skills and continued my personal photography business on the side.

Fast forward to today and my passions have expanded to encompass the best husband in the world and my two beautiful boys. But I’m still passionate about photography and art. It tells a story, and I’ve realized that’s what I am – whether through my camera or my pen – I am a storyteller, and I would love to be able to tell your story.

Contact me at amber@duran.photography and let’s have a conversation about getting your story told through my lens. I can’t wait to meet you.